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     By becoming a BrightNet Oklahoma partner, you and your customers are assured of having reliable, responsive service. Let BrightNet Oklahoma handle the technical aspects of providing Internet services while you concentrate on marketing your Internet service to the customers that you know best. 

     BrightNet Oklahoma currently serves a number of independent telephone companies through our wholesale plan. Under this plan, the retailer will:

  • Own the customer base
  • Bill the customer base
  • Conduct all collections
  • Provide local loops and transport
  • Provide local POP equipment (e.g. modem pool)
  • Provide marketing
  • Pay monthly wholesale fee to BrightNet based on bandwidth and customer count

     In addition, BrightNet Oklahoma will:

  • Provide Help Desk service to both end users and retailer
  • Configure local POP equipment
  • Provide all Network engineering and operations
  • including specifications for any needed local loops and transport
  • Charge retailer a per customer fee based on a graduated scale
     So, let us show you how easy it is to enhance your service offerings, while expanding your market. Contact us at noc@brightok.net to learn about the most cost-effective and easiest ways to start providing Internet service to your customers.
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