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BrightNet Internet Region Information

BrightNet Oklahoma is a turnkey InternetService solution for utility companies. Its clients maintain geographic boundaries to avoid overlap and are commonly referred to as "regions". BrightNet Oklahoma focuses on reliability and customer satisfaction. It meets with its client's quarterly to address any concerns or improvements that could be made. The following services are currently offered to the regions:

  • BrightNet Administration Console allows easy creation, deletion, suspension, and modification of user accounts with no technical knowledge required.
  • Experienced Helpdesk Technicians to provide support for end-user technical issues, including problematic initial setups -- including a toll-free number with no per-minute charges. Click here for Info on Helpdesk.
  • Engineering Expertise providing assistance in network layout and configuration.
  • Network Monitoring with Real-Time Bandwidth Usage, Who's Online, and Proactive Outage Monitoring.
  • Usage and Helpdesk Reports detail time spent online per-user, per-month, and helpdesk service usage statistics.
BrightNet Server-Core Services
     Each BrightNet region purchases and retains ownership of the equipment needed for their independent network and the uplink(s) to the BrightNet Server Core.
At your discretion, your staff, our staff, or a combination of the two will configure your network. As a BrightNet region, you also have the choice of allowing or blocking mutual roaming among your subscribers and those of the other regions. You make the rules for access to your network, and our Authentication infrastructure enforces your policy.

BrightNet Core Services consist of:
  • Authentication (xtacacs and radius authentication methods)
  • Web Hosting (standard accounts, hosted domains, and frontpage extensions)
  • Email (standard accounts, hosted domains, list support, andWeb interface)
  • CGI support (limited to BrightNet prepared scripts)
  • DNS (primary and secondary)
BrightNet Oklahoma regions
BrightNet Stillwater
Carnegie Telephone Company
Central Oklahoma Telephone 
Cherokee Telephone 
Grand Telephone 
Hinton Telephone Company
Pine Telephone Company 
Salina-Spavinaw Telephone Company
Southwest Oklahoma Telephone Company
Valliant Telephone Company

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