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Chickasaw Long Distance Products & Services

Toll free service

Chickasaw Long Distance offers the best in toll free service for both business and residential customers. After a one-time activation fee of $30.00, it is only $0.10 per minute for each call you receive on your new toll free number. And there is no monthly minimum fee!

If you don’t receive calls on your number, you don’t get billed. Billing is in six second increments, so if you don’t talk a full minute, you're not charged for a full minute. Use your new toll free number for the convenience of your important customers, or make it easy to keep in touch with your family and friends.

Great rates

Chickasaw Long Distance offers service to business and residential customers for only $0.07 cents per minute. This service is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all of your 1+ calls within the domestic US.

Only $0.07 per minute and NO MINIMUM MONTHLY FEE!

International Rates

Does your company have international customers? Are your family and friends scattered around the world? Keep in touch with Chickasaw Long Distance! We offer very competitive international rates from as low as $0.09 per minute. Call anywhere in the world and save money with Chickasaw!
International Calling Rates

The "Save Cents" Plan

How does 600 minutes of local calling sound? That is 600 minutes to call whomever you like within the 405/580 area codes. If for any reason you exceed the 600 minutes per month, it is only $0.07 per minute thereafter.

Businesses - $35.00/month Residents - $25.00/month

Broadband Internet Serivce

Chickasaw Long Distance Company provides broadband Internet service to residential and business customers.