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BrightNet Chickasaw bringing you the news

Internet Information Helpful Programs 
Here are a few programs that our help desk uses to help their computers run faster and more secure. read more...

Internet Information Net Accelerator Now Available! 
BrightNet Oklahoma now has a Net Accelerator setup for its dialup customers. Click the link below to find out more information on this service and how to set it up for your connection. (There is also a Net Accelerator link on the left toolbar under the "Services" category.  read more...

Top News Spyware...a big problem 
Probably the biggest problem our tech support desk comes across these days is Spyware. Whether you have dialup or DSL, especially DSL, you are susceptible to this problem. read more...

Internet Information Internet Searching Tips and Tricks 
When searching on the Internet, it has become increasingly difficult to find meaningful information that you set out to find. There is nothing worse than looking for an item and offered up to 12000 plus references to pages or sites.   read more...

Internet Information Consumers still falling for phish 
Confused by what's arriving in your inbox? You're not alone. Nearly one out of three Internet users were unable to tell the difference between fraudulent e-mails designed to steal their identities and legitimate corporate e-mail, a new study finds.  read more...

Internet Information Newest Phishing Scam Employs Legitimate Web Sites 
Increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks are chipping away at the reliability of e-mail and Web-based applications as a trusted form of communication for business transactions. And the Anti-Phishing Working Group's latest report doesn't hold much comfort.  read more...

Internet Information 'Sasser' worm strikes computers globally 
A fast-spreading computer worm similar to last year's massive "Blaster" has struck hundreds of thousands of PCs globally  read more...

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