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A Revolutionary Idea

In May of 1995, Chickasaw Long Distance and four other Oklahoma independent telecommunications providers began planning to bring the Information Superhighway to rural Oklahoma. The result of that plan was, and is, BrightNet Oklahoma, a statewide Internet Service Provider with regional gateways around the state. With growth comes expansion, BrightNet is grown to a point of becoming BrightNet Internet, with expansions planned in other states. BrightNet Internet is a wholesale provider of Internet and communications services, with our main focus on independent telephone companies. One of the first to bring Internet services to rural communities in Oklahoma, BrightNet continues to provide innovative solutions.

BrightNet provides a shared-cost structure that allows customers to private-label Internet and telecommunications services without building the typical Internet Service Provider (ISP) infrastructure. There is no back room equipment to buy and maintain, no technical support personnel to hire, train, and manage, no restrictions on how to structure or market services. It is truly a total Internet solution. BrightNet's customers get started in Internet businesses faster, almost virtually risk-free, and at significantly lower cost, providing state-of-the-art services from day one. Even for Internet businesses already underway, BrightNet can eliminate the high cost of maintaining, supporting, and growing a technical infrastructures, allowing the your company to concentrate on marketing and selling services.

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